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Lorna Jane & The Empowering Women Talk - London

So today the My Mantra team attended an inspirational talk at the new Lorna Jane UK store in Covent Garden. 
On arrival we were shown down stairs to the Active Living Room studio where pink goodie bags were all laid out on white chairs and we got to chatting with one another and waiting for everyone to arrive. ‘I will work hard for what I want. I will never give up. I will make progress not excuses. I will live active’ is blazoned on the back wall of the studio – we were already feeling inspired to get moving.

The panel was lead by Robyn Silverton, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Practitioner and her fellow panellists were Brogan Driscoll, Lifestyle Editor at the Huffington Post, Jessica Kruger, Founder of Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant, Lauren Well To Do of Well To Do Magazine, Poppy Cross, writer for the Daily Mail and Lizzie Horgan – an inspirational young woman and blogger who suffers from ME and works tirelessly to raise awareness and uplift others. All money raised from ticket sales went to the Association of Young People with M.E
Each panellist spoke passionately about taking care of ourselves, what success means to them, how they overcame certain fears in reaching their goals and how we can create a community within our industries via social media, including making sure that when future generations of young women look to the internet, they find the correct kind of content and support. 
We left feeling uplifted, with a sense of solidarity – of Girl Power! And it wasn’t long before the Mantra Gang were coming up with new ideas and events left right and centre. 
Massive thanks to Lorna Jane for putting on the event – look forward to the next one.
Now to try not to eat all of the delightful healthy goodies in my bag in one sitting…

ina plesca
ina plesca


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