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Vita Mojo - a revolution in healthy fast food

Vita Mojo is a bespoke new restaurant in the heart of London that offer Londoners exactly what they need - fast & healthy food. Vita Mojo is based right opposite St Pauls Cathedral & have finally opened their doors to the public with a healthy & organic + easy to order menu. Tucked away in a quiet back street with very little traffic, it's a little getaway from the craziness of London.


These guys are simplifying our lives by making ordering healthy food very easy. You can order 2 ways, online or in store. You can either chose pre set meals or customise your own. Now, being in the gym on a daily basis, I need to know exactly what goes into my food; proteins, carbs, fats etc. Vita Mojo have this covered also, once you've chosen the ingredients you can actually add more grams, or take them away. This is perfect as I know exactly how much my macros need to be with the type of training I'm doing right now.
If you chose to walk in their restaurant, you'll be surrounded by iPads & it will literally take you 30seconds to place an order & 3-5 min to receive it. 
Everything is made fresh, in house by their amazing chef Paul Davies - who's also working with Tom's Kitchen. Their nutritionist is Helen Patounas who works with Formula 1 says "What you put into your body will absolutely affect the way you think & feel. Using fresh, organic salads, meats, herbs, grains & vegetables while adjusting your own quantities, will make sure you're left in your top form every single day".
I'd like to add, that I hope this is the future when it comes to food.
We need more restaurants that are healthy, organic & promote a healthy lifestyle. 
Thanks to Vita Mojo for a great night, we enjoyed our food & plenty of Paleo, Vegan brownies & fresh coconut water. You've won us over. If you'd like to a free meal from Vita Mojo, please comment below with your email & we'll email you a free code. 
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ina plesca
ina plesca


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Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart

February 23, 2017

Very Healthy


September 22, 2016

Thanks for the info!

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