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12 ways to earn money through social media while travelling

If you already read our weekly BLOGS you might also know that we love entrepreneurship & anything travel related. Once a week we interview Girl Bosses from around the world & we get to hear their inspiring stories. So far we've heard the stories of founders of Yoga Studios from small tropical islands in Thailand, jewellery designers that live the tropical dream, Social media managers that help brands with their online presence, friends that hold surf & yoga retreats together, even someone who started her own soap business with 0 knowledge in the soap industry (she was making soap in her microwaves at home for a huge client for the first time). We've heard it all on our Girl Boss blog posts and we're excited to keep you all updated with these weekly stories. 
Today, we'd like to show YOU how to become a Girl Boss and make money through social media whilst travelling the world at the same time. Social media is something that just can't be ignored anymore, and wether you're someone who likes to share their passion for fitness, food or clothing or you're a brand like us, you will want to make sure you're on all the major social media platforms. 
With the rise of social media, there has been an increase in different types of jobs in this industry & today, we'd like to talk about 12 ways you could make money online, while travelling the world. Travel is in our blood & we try to implement a lot of our blogs around this subject :)
How to make money through social media and travel the world
Photo Credit - @karen_png
1 - Become a blogger - This subject can be very wide & so it requires a little narrowing down. What you'll need to do is get into a niche & create your personal branding around that. Let's say you like fitness & you're passionate about creating workout videos, healthy recipes + sharing your knowledge within this industry.
You can do this via Instagram alone, or you can be a bad ass & own a BLOG + a YouTube channel where people can follow your workouts & healthy recipes ;) EASY... It will require time, but it can be done. 
How to make money through videography and travel the world
2 - Become a travelling photographer/videographer - This one could require you to already be doing a little freelance work. Let's say you're already mega awesome at photography/videography. Why not start looking for some free work with brands?
What this does is open doors for you, gets you to build a relationship with them & if they really like your work, they will start paying you. Once you're able to go 100 % freelance, you can actually start travelling the world, doing what you love. A perfect example is Denis @denis_plesca from http://silvershade.info who travels with New Horizon Escapes creating epic videos like this one .
This is only one of the many awesome brands that allows Denis to travel with work. Be creative, there's an abundance of creativity in photography & videography.
How to make money from managing social media from brands
3 - Manage social media for brands - Ahhh this one is super easy. There are different levels of experience necessary for this kind of work. You have huge brands that require skilled social media managers & you have smaller brands like My Mantra Active who actually hire a writer/traveller to manager their social media accounts.
The founder works closely with Jona who is an avid traveller & works remotely from a computer. This is not Jona's only job & it's a win win for both of us. Want to get into social media management? Find out if any friends own businesses & ask them to run their social media for free in exchange for experience.
Get learning, look at what bigger accounts do & copy them. It's super simple - keep posting daily, speak with a human voice (not a brand), keep sharing valuable content, use high res images & interact with your following. This is how we got to almost 20k followers on Instagram :)
How to make money from social media while travelling the world
4 - Create your own brand/product & promote it - This one is a favourite. In fact I can do a case study on (us) My Mantra Active as this perfectly fits the bill. So the founder of My Mantra Active wanted to create a brand that will allow her the freedom to be her own boss, work from anywhere in the world from a WiFi connection & be able to spend more time with her family & friends.
The founder can be anywhere in the world, while her products get shipped from within the UK. Her team is virtual & everyone is a nomad in one way or another. Example - The founder manages the entire brand (always travels), Jona is the social media girl (always travels), Vanessa is the designer (based in New York), Denis the photographer/videographer based in the UK (travels a lot with work), Lilia works in despatch (based in the UK) etc.
Create a product & manage it from anywhere in the world through a laptop ;)
How to make money from You Tube and travel the world
5 - Become a YouTube star - This one requires a niche, some time & can work really well once you become popular. Let's say for example Christian from http://lostleblanc.com is a huge YouTube star. He films his travel experience & is very popular within the YouTube travel community. He also has a kick ass Instagram account & makes both work in his favour. He collaborates with brands, creates some videos for hotels & now has his own clothing apparel.
I'm sure he has many other ways of making money & this is where you let creativity do its own thing. Get that pencil & blank paper out, see what you can come up with.
How to make money through social media and travel the world
6 - Become a content creator for brands - So content creating is kind of interlinked with social media. To create content for a brand means to try and maximise their exposure through writing blogs for them, doing social media, thinking of creative ways to reach out to people through different avenues via creating content for customers to consume.
Want to know 22 ways of creating awesome content? Check out this cool info graphic right here & get started. Don't have any experience? Offer your services for free to a friend who owns a business & see what you can do for them. Make it work & once you've gained some experience, start offering your services to bigger brands for money.
Don't forget to keep learning & building your skills.
How to make money through social media and travel the world
7 - Become an Amazon affiliate & promote your blog on Instagram - So this one is slightly more tricky & it can take longer to build. Affiliate marketing requires you to promote a product & get paid a percentage for each sale made through your unique code.
So let's say once again we have this YouTube fitness super star Whitney Simmons. She has over half a million subscribers on her channel & she creates YouTube videos for her fans. This girl is funny, she know her thing & she's also making money from creating content for her following.
How she did it? She signed up to Amazon Affiliate Programme, she chooses which products she wants to feature & she earns money from each sale she makes through the code (please note, she still makes money even if the buyer ends up purchasing something totally irrelevant). See example below.
How to make money through social media
How to make money through instagram while travelling the world
8 - Do jobs on the go & promote via your Instagram account - So let's say you're very good at one particular thing like this girl right here is very good at art. She travels around, creates art for brands, streets, cafes etc. Her work is now widely recognised around the world, she's big on Instagram, she's released her own app & she lives life following her dreams. Be creative, you might have an idea or two about this too.
Take it to the streets, meet new people, be nice & I'm sure an abundance of ideas will come your way :)
9  - Find a niche in your area & sell Ebooks or programmes - So let's go once again back to being in a niche & creating content in that area. So far I have seen Ebooks on various subjects like - fitness, recipes, business, travel etc. Be creative, think outside the box, build a strong social media following, get a blog going & get creating. See more examples in point 11.
how to make money on instagram while travelling the world
10 - Sell handcrafted goods on Etsy & promote via Insatgram - I have another perfect example for this one. It's actually someone I met & also interviewed for our Girl Boss blog post series here (read her story). Her name is Amy & she designs her own jewellery on a small tropical island in Thailand. She sells her brand on Etsy, she's on Instagram & whenever she can, she will travel the world. Such a perfect little way to be creative & make money.
11 - Become a brand ambassador - This one is slightly harder, but once again not impossible. So let's say your niche is again fitness & you're happy to sponsor the likes of Gym Shark, Women's Best etc. You can still make money from your personal brand like Ebooks, Affiliate Programme, shooting for brands etc. On top of that you can even work with big brands like the ones mentioned above.
For this one I'll use another person I know @gracefituk who is an ambassador of both Women's Best & Gymshark. They both pay her to wear their brand, while she also makes money from her own Ebooks, Booty Workout Plans & apparel.
The life of a blogger/social media influencer can be pretty sweet, but there's also a ton of hard work that goes into it. Grace is currently studying at the University of Oxford, works on her own brand, works for other brands & also creates a ton of YouTube videos. Well done Grace.
How to make money online through social media
Another one of my favourites is Miss Zanna Van Dijk who is just a mega boss babe. This girl is seriously building an empire off the back of her own name. She is a YouTuber, she has her own book, she's a speaker, she's the co founder of Girl Gains, she fuels her passion for travel through coaching in Thailand, Bali, Kenya & Sri Lanka with New Horizon Escapes, she has her own clothing line & she is also a brand ambassador for Adidas.
I'm sure I haven't even scratched the surface with the amount of work this girl does & I have no idea how she keeps up. She is a serious entrepreneur & will always keep going and creating ways to earn money from something she loves doing. Love you Zanna :)
Girl Gains Uk
12 - Buy & sell products from countries you visit via Instagram/Facebook - Ah this one is one of my faves once again. So let's say you've got a trip planned around South East Asia and you're going to be away for a few good months. You come across various pretty things while you travel & your brain is going crazy, thinking how it could make money & live this life forever.
Well the great thing is that you can. Focus on a niche once again - let's say Thai print accessories like hand bags, purses, jewellery etc. Got a good camera handy? Shoot all of your products on yourself or a travel buddy, send them home, get a brand going on social media, grow your following & get a website on the go. 
Need help with branding/logo etc?
(Denis can help you with this - he helped My Mantra Active, New Horizon Escapes & his own wallet brand Nevado Goods).
how to make money from social media while travelling the world
Please note - none of the above happen overnight. A business is like a baby, it requires a lot of nurturing, patience, perseverance, passion & hard work. If you have all of the above qualities, you are ready to become an entrepreneur :)
Want to read more entrepreneurial stories? Why not go through our Girl Boss blog series & see how others live life on their own terms. After all, these blogs are only here to help inspire you & support you in your dreams.
My Mantra Active is a great example of someone who's a dreamer, a traveller & a risk taker. 

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