10 Top Wellness Trends for 2017 - New Year New You

December 23, 2016

10 Top Wellness Trends for 2017


Regardless of whether you’re a trend setter, follow the trends or try your hardest to get away from them, it’s inevitable that sooner or later you will succumb and you will either be leading the way or dragging your heels, so let’s avoid that by getting ahead and having a nosey as to what’s going to be on trend in the wellness industry for 2017.


  1. Retreats – Now let’s be honest I am yet to find a year when these little beauties were not on trend so naturally 2017 is no different. Choose your favourite location then meditate for a couple of weeks, drink juice, or even use the time to get super fit! Whichever and wherever you decide, it’s a trend that keeps coming back again and again and that alone should tell you to get on board the retreat train! Choo choo!



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  1. Cannabis – Controversial I hear you say? Yet it is one of the best antiemetics known to man and of course all natural. Cannabis is proven to help the side effects of chemotherapy like sickness or muscular pain. It has also made the news recently for helping improve tremors related to Parkinsons disease. There is of course one problem – its illegal. Alcohol you can buy by the bucket full, which can leave people depressed, vomiting outside McDonalds or even worse heavily dependent on something which you can buy any time and almost any place with no one monitoring. Let’s see if during 2017 we can take a leaf out of America’s and Amsterdam’s book, quite literally!




  1. Plant based protein – As a vegetarian I am relieved to see that this is coming on trend for 2017. Putting the suffering of animals to one side, I think this is something that seriously needs to happen and not just as a trend but as an ongoing lifestyle choice. I have to rein myself in on this topic but plant based eating is incredibly clean, healthy and adventurous. It’s an extremely difficult subject as people are so reluctant to change, it’s one of the many things in our world that needs to be recognised as a way to improve our lifestyles and the planets wellbeing.



  1. Staying in / No alcohol – See No 2, and no I’m not saying have a spliff every night, however ask yourself this, how much damage is that beer or wine doing to your liver every night? Alcohol is very sneaky; it can loosen you up after just a pint or two but the next day and long term damage can be devastating. Stay on trend next year with a movie, a brew and a dog.


  1. Group classes – Trends for 2017 suggest going solo to gyms will become a thing of the past. Classes like Yoga and Barre (which sounds like it will be huge in 2017) are set to take over in the New Year. I’d suggest checking out your gym and seeing what classes they have on offer and get your place booked.



  1. Mushrooms – Hear me out with this one as I wasn’t sure myself at first. As I delved into research for trends of 2017 this obsession with mushrooms wouldn’t stop popping up on my screen. Now as a mushroom lover I’m amazed it has taken up until now to realise this, but from what I can figure out mushrooms appear to be taking over from coconut oil in 2017. Mushrooms are set to become a superfood, not only just cooking and eating them but drying them and turning them into powder for healing purposes.



  1. De clutter with sage – Another odd trend, however I can explain from first-hand experience. De cluttering is something people just need to do in the New Year - it makes sense and it’s a great way to start your year – organised! However, to really cleanse your work space or home heat sage in a frying pan, close all the doors and windows and let the smoke from the sage fill the room. Obviously be aware of what you’re doing, don’t smoke yourself out! Once there is a light fog in the room open all the windows and the doors until the air is clear. This actually comes from native culture, I once experienced it with someone who was part of a native American tribe.


  1. Work leisure – I seriously hope this is right, companies allowing employees to have a more relaxed uniform at work appears to be set for 2017. Big brands seem to be taking note and creating both male and female clothes that can easily transition from the office to the gym.


  1. Organic cosmetics – Something else that needs to change and once again here’s hoping these trends are correct. I really feel like people just need to take more responsibility. Cheap cosmetic products will be bad for your skin and the planet. Bite the bullet and spend a little more on organic or do without, take time to research what’s going in to the product you’re putting on your face!




  1. You time – Take it without feeling selfish, you deserve it.


Wow, the trends for 2017 look ace! Let the New Year commence.
Let us know what trends you could see yourself following
All our love Grace and Mymantraactive





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