10 Things To Motivate You To Wake Up On A Monday Morning

August 07, 2016 1 Comment

We're the first to admit that getting up on a Monday morning sucks. You've had a most excellent alarm free weekend and now Monday blues are kicking in. Stay calm, we are here to help with our top ten ways to help conquer that Monday morning feeling. Here we go...
1. Be nice and organised. Get a delicious breakfast ready for you to munch on come 8am. This will give you something to look forward to, as well as get your body fuelled for the day ahead.
2. Don't force an early night on Sunday. Obviously your body works better on a full nights sleep, however, forcing an early night may result in you sat in bed, awake, getting worked up about the morning. On Sundays, use it as your time. Get whatever work you need to do out of the way. Move your ass, whether that be yoga, running or a walk with the family. Then snuggle in for the evening with a great movie. Come bed time your body and mind should be relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.
3. Set your alarm a little time before you actually need to be up. Use this time to have a little snooze or catch up on social media, try not to get too drawn in by this though (social media). Have a flick through but don't allow it to rule your day.
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4. Stretch and breathe. Do this while you're still in bed. Take some long deep breaths whilst gently stretching and waking up your sleepy body.
5. Have a long hot shower. Don't set your alarm so late that you can't make the most of your morning. Having a refreshing and stimulating shower is key to starting your day right.
6. Set goals for your day. Try not to just plod along watching the clock. Goals can inject so much enthusiasm and motivation into your day.
7. Rationalise just how "bad" your Monday morning is. I mean you're tired and may not be loving your job at the moment, you might be stuck on the motorway and suddenly realise you've forgotten your money and phone. But let's put this all into perspective. You're alive. You have a reason to get up. Appreciate what's around you. You're very lucky.
8. Music. Everywhere and anywhere. Whilst you're making that delicious breakfast blast some Belinda Carlisle or Rage Against the Machine. Whichever does it for you. Get your headphones on, or turn up the radio in your car. Unless it's Justine Beiber - turn that off. Everything I have just taught you will be futile if you listen to him.
9. Smile. Even if you get strange looks or a blank look in return. Smiling has been scientifically proven to release happy endorphins. These endorphins reduce our stress levels. So when that person cuts you up on the motorway or jumps ahead of you to grab the last seat on the train, just smile.
10. Finally, if nothing can help your Monday morning blues and you've tried everything. Start to really think about your life. You're not here to exist, you're here to live. Don't accept that this is just how it has to be. You deserve to wake up happy everyday.

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August 20, 2016

Truly motivated post! It is an awesome way to wake up Monday morning. For me, after having a Sunday fun it becomes little tough to make Monday morning healthier and wake up early. In several ways, your post will help me do wake up early with a fresh mind and healthy mood to make a day very special. I love your tropical set and ombre leggings. It looks superb and very stylish. These are also helpful to make Monday more beautiful. Superb blog! Thanks for sharing this with us.


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