8 Of The Most Amazing Health Cafes in Ubud, Bali

June 13, 2017

As you may have already noticed from our Instagram stories, we are currently away in Bali with New Horizon Escapes, and we are having an absolute blast by training, eating wholesome & balanced meals + exploring the wonders of Bali. It would be a complete crime to not try a few of the local healthy eateries here in Ubud, so for that reason we are putting together our 10 Fave cafe guides in Ubud, Bali. 
Our schedule with New Horizon Escapes is pretty relaxed & during our time off, we made sure to go out & explore the following 10 cafes. 
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New Horizon Escapes Bali
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Nr 1 - Watercress Cafe - This is one of our favourite cafes, simply because we just can't settle for one meal here and want to work our way down the menu every time we visit :) Their menu provides a huge variety of unique & quirky dishes. Their portions are great & food is fresh and wholesome. 
Watercress cafe brunch Ubud Bali
Nr 2 - Atman Cafe - We first stumbled across the 1st Atman Cafe which is located on the same road as their 2nd cafe. We prefer the second cafe simply because it's larger & looks out into dreamy rice paddies. Atman Cafe is a great little place to go & work in - however, don't try and rely on the local WiFi connection, because it's pretty inconsistent through the whole Bali. Food here, once again was delicious & full of great choices. They also sell loads of quirky jewellery, pillows, local made goodies etc.
healthy cafe atman cafe Ubud Bali
Nr 3 - Bali Buda - First thing's first, don't expect any WiFi, which I find amazing & it forces everyone to talk to each other. The food here was off a newspaper style menu & had great choices. The cool thing about this cafe is that it also comes with an organic health store where you can satisfy your craving with yummy wholesome muffins, brownies, oat biscuits & loads more. If you're looking for natural beauty products, they have those too. It's our fave little shop in Ubud & a must see. 
Bali Buda smoothie bowls Ubud
Bali buda shop Ubud
Nr 4 - Kismet - Now this place is open both in the day and at night, when it turns into an evening restaurant. Their food is vegan only & if all vegan food was prepared this way, it wouldn't be hard to give up meat altogether ;) We had a 666 Southwest pulled Jackfruit salad bowl! Spicy BBQ Jackfruit, avocado, sweet corn, grilled veggie skewers, tempeh, corn chips with a creamy cilantro tahini dressing. Out of this world! Kismet also make interesting cocktails for those that want to relax and enjoy a nice holiday. This restaurant was one of our favourites.
pulled jackfruit salad in kismet ubud
Nr 5 - Kafe - This little place is cosy & cute and serves visually pleasing plates of yummingness. The staff are super pleasant and we would go there again in a heartbeat. The vibes are super chilled & upstairs we felt like time staid still. 
Kafe Ubud bali
Nr 6 - WAMM (What About My Mother) - This cafe is slightly out of Ubud & you can tell it is, by it's huge amount of space. This place is looking out into a small park where children fly their kayaks & upstairs you get a nice, cool breeze. The dishes are delicious but a tiny bit on the smaller side - we like big portions ;) We would still go back and eat there again.
WAMM ubud bali, what about my mother ubud bali
WAMM breakfast UBUD
Nr 7 - Clear Cafe - You cannot miss the huge round entrance to this beautiful cafe. Once inside, you can't stop but admire the beautiful interior design. If you go upstairs to the upper level, you will find more comfy seats & also one of the best SPAS we've been to. Have some brunch & finish off with a long whole body massage at only £ 10 for 1.5 hrs. 
Healthy breakfast in Ubud Clear Cfae
Nr 8 - Habitat - This cafe is located right opposite the Monkey Forest. We would strongly recommend to visit the Monkey Forest first thing in the morning & be there alone before the rest of the tourists start flocking in & aggravating the monkeys behaviour. Habitat cafe is 2 minutes up the road from the forest & their food is just absolutely delicious. I'm writing this blog from Habitat cafe after having a delicious smoothie bowl & charcoal late. I'm working from here a little longer just so I can eat one more meal from the yummy menu. 
Habitat cafe Ubud Bali
So here are our 8 top choices for health cafes in Ubud. There are loads more cafes to explore around this area & we would need an entire month of just pure eating & exploring the local eateries to go through them all. We hope you enjoyed this Blog & find it useful for your next trip to Bali :) Enjoy. 

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