10 fun ways to make money this weekend - let's get earning & creative

August 25, 2017

Ha, I got you interested in this one, haven't I? Being an entrepreneur myself, I always look for cool and funky ideas to earn money. So as I was sat in front of my computer this eve, thinking what blog post would be suitable to post on a Friday night for you all, I thought about "How about do something fun while earning money at the same time this weekend"? So here are the 10 ideas that could earn you some extra cash to put towards your next trip ;)


fun ways to make money at the weekend


1 - Carboot - As summer is still here & car boots are still running, why not spend a few hours tomorrow morning and see what things you are happy to give up to a new home? On my last car boot sale I managed to make £300 and in fact, as I sit here writing these lines, I think I will do one next weekend ;) 

2 - Garage sale - If a car boot sounds like too much hassle, why not do it from home? Let people rummage through your boxes.

3 - Sell your crafts - If you're good at making something/anything, you could easily sell your hand made work at a fair, farmers market or a local community centre. See what's going on in your area or simply open up a shop on Etsy and sell any time of the week while earning money in your sleep ;)

4 - Be a photographer - Let's be honest, all photographers have started from doing amateur work first. So if you get word out there that you do photo shoots to friends & family, before you know it, people will want you to snap photos of their birthdays, babies & weddings. You could keep this as a part time hobby.

5 - Make cakes/sweets and sell them - Who doesn't like home made baked goods? If I ever walk at an event/carboot/social gathering I will always get attracted by the baked table first. So if you're good at baking, you're sorted - everyone has a sweet tooth. Find local events & get involved. Your dream business may start here ;)

6 - Become a dog walker - I'm sure your Facebook friends have dogs & wouldn't mind if someone else took them for a walk for a change. Besides who doesn't like earning money in exchange for a great walk & doggie cuddles? Put a post out tonight & see if anyone needs a break from their furry friends ;)

7 - Teach a class to people you know - Are you a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer etc? Why not gather all of your friends together & teach a class or two this weekend? That way they get to save money on group training & you get to earn a little bit on the side :) It's Win Win...

8 - Be available for car hire - I know this one is a little random ha, but listen to this. I have on a number of occasions needed a transfer to the airport, or needed to get to an event with my stock. So why not shout out on your Facebook page & ask if anyone needs you & your car for the weekend? Make sure to charge enough for fuel & your time ;)

9 - Become a VA - Become a Virtual Assistant - there's always someone out there that needs an extra hand with work. Offer your part time services by registering on one of these websites - https://www.upwork.com or https://remote.co

10 - Sell your unwanted goods on social media - Now I know this probably sounds a little bit silly, but let's be honest, you don't do this every day, so why not take photos of everything & post them on Facebook/Instagram for people to buy? Just tell them you're doing a social sale of your items & to comment SOLD under each photo if they want it. Then ask them to drop by your house & collect the item. Equally you could do the same on a local Buy & Sell Facebook page in your town. So just spend a couple of hours taking photos on your phone & post them all on the page with the same rule - to comment SOLD & pick it up. 

I hope these 10 ideas are enough to spark up some motivation to get earning in a fun way this weekend. Do you have any other ideas? Comment below ;)

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