1 Year Anniversary Giveaway - Let's Celebrate In Style

June 21, 2016 1 Comment

Exactly 1 year ago My Mantra Active was born on a small tropical island called Koh Tao which is situated in Thailand & then went off to travel the world. Many of you might not know where Koh Tao is but if we told it's a small tropical island next to Koh Pangan, the Full Moon party island, quite a lot of you will say "oh yessss I know where it is".
Since then My Mantra has travelled through many countries while slowly growing, developing & transforming. We have travelled through Malaysia, India, Australia, Thailand, UK & it will continue travelling & trotting the world with New Horizon Active Escapes for the rest of it's days.
This brand has slowly grown into what it is today with your help & we would like to give you something back. We have decided to collaborate on a huge giveaway with all of our Instagram friends & will be giving away a lot of bikinis.
Please have a little look bellow & see who our friends are. Follow them & join us all for the biggest giveaway of the year. Enter the chance to win multiple bikinis, no rules apply & all countries are welcome. 
Please welcome our Instagram friends.
My Mantra Active - Also Known As The Free Spirited Active Lifestyle Wear Brand
My Mantra Summer Shop - Also Known As The My Mantra Bikini Shop
Ina - Also Known As The Founder Of My Mantra Active
New Horizon Active Escapes - Also Known As The Tropical Fitness Retreats Founded By My Mantra Active
Caroline - Yogi & Gymnast - Also Very Well Known For Her Killer Flexi Poses
Yola - Fitness Coach, Social Media Influencer & Also Known For Her Killer Abs
Tamara - Dancer & Yogi - Also Known For Her Awesome Yogance Moves
Elena - Yogi & Little Miss Sunshine - Also Known As The Most Positive Little Human On Instagram
Asia - Underwater Photographer & Full Time Mermaid
Jessica - Also Known As The Always Smiling Cute Yogi

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Amber Girard
Amber Girard

June 24, 2016

I live in the US. I was looking through all your items and I just love them, I haven’t yet bought anything but I’m excited for this!!

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