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1 Week in Thailand on an active escape with New Horizon Active Escapes

-fitness escapes in Thailand
I'm sitting here & looking out of the window at the grey British sky & rain while reminiscing our time away with New Horizon Active Escapes just last week. For those who don't know what New Horizon are about, I decided to write a little blog about our experience away in Thailand, one of their many escape locations. 
So New Horizon Active Escapes are not your traditional fitness holiday, or a bootcamp trip where you get trained until you drop and you're only fed with lettuce leaves. If anything, New Horizon are trying to break the way fitness holidays look like. For many of us a fitness holiday sounds like a lot of sessions of burning muscles, sweat, pain, 2-3 sessions a day, restricted calories, super early rises & so on. 
Fitness holiday on koh Samui island, Thailand
New Horizon are the complete opposite. On the day of your arrival, you will be checking into your gorgeous accommodation, you will meet your escape buddies for the week, chill by the pool, sunbathe & take in the scenery. The evening will end with a delicious dinner & some more down time while everyone is chatting away & getting to know each other. Fancy a beer or cocktail? No one will slap it out of your hand ;)
Fitness retreat in Bali with New Horizon Active Escapes
Review of New Horizon Active Escapes-
On our 2nd day we got up nice & early for some delicious breakfast at a local juice bar, followed by a few hrs out rock climbing & abseiling with the most stunning views of the island. At this point you realise that most of the things on the timetable are new to you, so you keep challenging yourself every single day through new workouts & challenging outdoor activities. Heights are not many people's friends, but when you're away with New Horizon & you have the encouragement from your new made friends, you really want to give it your best shot - SO YOU TRY EVERYTHING.
Fitness retreat on Koh Tao island, Fraggle rock abseiling on koh tao
Abseiling on Koh Tao island, Fraggle rock
Push fear to the side & don't let anything stop you. After this activity, we enjoyed a delicious buffet style table, with loads of fresh & unique salads; greek style salad, falafel salad, burmese salad, chicken nuggets, hummus, olives, chicken satay, falafel platters & more. After a few hours of relaxing by the pool, the day ended with an awesome kickboxing session in the villa garden & dinner out at one of the local restaurants. Never done kickboxing before? No problem, all levels are welcome.
Active escapes in Thailand
kickboxing holidays for women, women's kickboxing retreat
kickboxing on kOH tao
On day 3 we started the day with a nice & early 30min HIIT session in the villa garden. When I say the villa garden, I'm talking of a gorgeous tropical garden of palm trees & a view of the island. The villa was located on the highest point of the island & the view was just stunning. After the sweaty session, there was plenty of down time followed by a gorgeous lunch. We never went to the same restaurant twice though out the entire week. So the variety of food was spot on. In the early afternoon, we had an amazing Trapeze session. Once again, none of us had ever tried trapeze, so this was definitely a challenge for most of us. The height, the coordination & listening to the instructions while trying to do it all - JUST AMAZING. The day ended with another amazing dinner at one of the islands's local restaurants.
Fitness escapes in Thailand, active holidays in Thailand, fitness on Koh Tao
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Active escapes in Thailand, fitness escape in Thailand, fitness holiday in Thailand
Active holiday in Thailand, fitness on Koh Tao, trapeze on Koh Tao
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On day 4 the day started with a delicious breakfast, followed by a challenging hike to Mango View Point. The view point was all worth it, once we were all there at the top & overlooking the island while sipping away on fresh & cold coconuts. The afternoon was spent just checking out the local shops & having Thai massages. You can't go to Thailand & not have a few Thai massages, and you can't go wrong with only paying £12 for a 1.5 hr BLISSFUL thai massage. In late afternoon, we had a local MuayThai session booked in with Thai trainers. Once again, not many of us tried MuayThai before, so it was a great way to sweat away in style while getting a little taster of the local sport. The evening ended with another yummy dinner, there were so many places that they all got mixed up in my head :)
Monkey flower villa Koh Tao island, sairee beach Koh Tao
Muay Thai fitness holiday in Thailand
Women's fitness holiday, women's fitness retreat thailand
Fitness retreat in Thailand, fitness holiday in Thailand, muay thai training in Thailand
Women's active holiday in Thailand, fitness holiday in Thailand, fitness holiday on Koh Tao
On day 5 we had an R&R day. This day is there for everyone to recover their aching muscles, to unwind a little & to explore the island in their own time. So of course this is where we fit in more shopping, beach hunting, massages & more gorgeous food. The day started with a mild yoga session on the roof top, overlooking the island & a yummy buffet breakfast of protein & oats pancakes, fresh tropical fruit salad, home made granola, local yoghurt, scrambled eggs, bacon & fresh tea + coffee. This day was BLISS & that recovery was very much needed before we continue away with our active week in paradise. The day ended with an amazing fire show on the beach & cabaret night.
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Yoga on Koh Tao island, fitness holiday on Koh Tao
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Fire show on Koh Tao island
On day 6 our fear got challenged even further with a challenging hike to a cliff jumping point. We had previously done a jump in the pool off one of the villas which had prepared most of us the cliff jump. There were 3 different heights for the cliff jumps, 3m, 9m & 12m. So everyone did whichever one they were most comfortable with. If you felt like height was not your thing, it was ok to sit it out & do some snorkelling around the boat instead.
Living Juices koh Tao island
Cliff jumping on Koh Tao, Thailand
Cliff jumping on Koh Tao with Good time adventures
Cliff jump koh Tao
After this, we then got taken onto a speed boat to a beautiful beach which could only be accessed via a speed boat for a bit of snorkelling and sunbathing. The afternoon continued with a speedboat trip back to the main part of the island, where we had another delicious buffet waiting for us. After some more pool relaxation, the evening ended with a villa workout & a stunning view of the island. Everyone was encouraged to race for a prize. The prize? Some yummy dark chlorate all the way from Italy. 
The day ended with an amazing Thai take away to the villa. We all wanted a chilled night in, so it was a perfect to end a long day.
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Koh Tao beaches, fitness holidays in Thailand
Monkey Flower villa on koh tao
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On day 7 the day started after a bit of a lie in, with some more yummy breakfast and a day trip out on the speedboat. Everyone went to Koh Nang Yuan island for a hike to the view point, snorkelling & some more relaxation. After this amazing trip out, the speed boat then pulled into one of the most beautiful bays on the island, with water super blue & white sandy beaches. The afternoon was spent eating at a local Thai restaurant overlooking the bay & sunbathing on the beach.
Active retreats in Thailand, active holidays in Thailand, active escapes in Thailand
Active escapes to tropical destinations
fitness holidays in Thailand, nang yuan island with @sjanaelise
In the afternoon we had another awesome villa workout, at villa nr 2. Everyone had to workout in partners & race against each other. The winning team would have their dessert covered by New Horizon at dinner that night. On our last night there, we went back to our most favourite restaurant on the island called Barracuda. This restaurant has been rated nr 1 on TripAdvisor for years & it's also the fave restaurant of all the locals that live on the island. If the locals say it's good - IT MEANS IT'S REALLY GOOD.
the founder of New Horizon Active Escapes
On day 8, it was our very last morning in paradise. The day started super early with some hill sprints for 15 min. Once we all packed away, we were taken out for a long breakfast buffet at a local resort on the island. The view & the food were once again incredible, and it was the perfect way to end the trip. After 2 hrs of yummy food, pool relaxation & swimming in the sea, we were all ready to go back to our villas & leave paradise on the next ferry out. 
This experience was super incredible & Koh Tao is only one of the 5 locations that New Horizon have. The other 4 locations are Koh Samui (Thailand), Bali, Sri Lanka & Kenya (exclusive & one off experience in 2018). So if you're after a holiday where you want to come back feeling like you've won the lottery of life, feeling refreshed, feeling like you've overcome fear & learned loads of cool things, this is the new way to escape away. Not only do you get to try loads of activities you wouldn't have tried otherwise, but you also walk away with having a brand new worldwide family.  
Escape with New Horizon Active Escapes & get £100 OFF any escape. 
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Monkey Flower villa Koh Tao
Monkey flower villa Koh Tao
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